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I'm a horrible blogger, but...

Though I've had blogs in the past, it was never something I loved doing, primarily because I felt like if I was going to blog about something then it had to be mind blowing. But the truth is, I only have so many "mind blowing" ideas, especially when I seldom leave my writing cave. That meant blogging became a chore, and I dreaded it.

So... this is going to be something a bit different. Honestly, I'm not sure how often I'll post--and it may be that I hit you with a lot and then you get dry spell. And instead of blowing you away with amazing articles on writing and being an author, I'm going to use this blog to post updates on my writing and my life. You know... when I manage to escape my writing cave. ;)

Like this!! I was recently on a writers retreat with a group of author friends (Evelyn Adams, Mallory Crow, Lori Sjoberg, and Lucy Marsden--all of which are amazing authors, and you should definitely check them out)!! We hung out for a week on the Outer Banks of NC, and though we got a ton of work done, I won't lie, there were also coctails, ice cream, and junk food. Here's one of the amazing sunsets!

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