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 The  Mermaid  Isle Romance  Series

One   Sweet   Summer

Riley Carter’s never found anyone who could live up to her first love, Thorsen Black. So imagine her surprise when, twelve years later, he shows up at the unique and quirky inn she manages on Mermaid Isle, off the coast of Maine. The sweet, gangly teen has matured into a sexy and handsome man, leaving her heart desperate to pick up where they left off.


It’s impossible for her to ignore the way her body instantly reacts to his touch and he's just the distraction she needs when she finds out the owners of the Siren Song Inn are selling it to Holt Enterprises. Holt only has eyes on the bottom line and Riley knows they’ll strip the inn of everything that makes it special, ruining not only the Siren, but devastating the island economy.


While fighting to save her beloved inn, Riley falls in love with Thorsen all over again. But when she’s faced with the real reason Thorsen’s on the island and his unbearable betrayal, will she be able to save the inn and her chance at true happiness?

 For  Love  Or  Treasure

Lucy’s been scouring through her ancestor’s journal in the hope of finding the long lost pirate treasure of Mermaid Isle. But when a sexy stranger walks into her bookstore looking like the very pirates she’s been reading about, she can’t ignore their immediate attraction and soon finds herself throwing caution to the wind and falling for Niall.

Niall’s one goal is to find the treasure his ancestors buried, but he only has one half of the puzzle and he’s convinced that Lucy Nordson holds the other half. If he had to charm someone, then he could do a hell of a lot worse than the gorgeous and talented redhead, but he soon finds himself torn when his hunt for the treasure and the lies he’s told to find it, get in the way of what his heart truly wants.

With the stakes high and their deceptions getting in the way, can they find the treasure and true love or will they risk it all in the end?

A   Mermaid Isle  Christmas


Once Aidan Nordson made his fortune, he was finally able to leave behind the world that left him broken and scarred. Escaping to Mermaid Isle, all he wants is to be left alone to live his life and deal with his demons, but when a blizzard hits and strands Chloe Madison at his door, the gorgeous and feisty brunette stirs feelings in him he’d rather push away. Forced together by fate and circumstance, can Aidan let go of the past that haunts him so he can learn to love again or will the storm in his heart swallow him in its darkness?

After a night of forbidden passion that changed her life, Sophie Tate is forced to return to her past—and Ethan Miller. Having hacked into the systems of Chimera Genomics, she’s now on the run with proof that they’ve weaponized a virus. She just needs to stay alive long enough to get the proof into the right hands, even as the body count around her rises.


Sophie’s the last person Ethan expects to find on his doorstep, especially after she cut him out of her life over three years ago after their one and only night together. Yet the mere sight of her is enough to stir up a lifetime of memories. Best friends from the start, Sophie’s the only one Ethan’s ever truly loved, but with killers nipping at her heels, she’s ready to disappear from his life once more.


With Sophie’s ex showing up to save the day and Chimera hot on her trail, can Ethan keep her safe and finally convince her that their love is meant to be, or will he lose her for good this time? deceptions getting in the way, can they find the treasure and true love or will they risk it all in the end?

 Sweet Danger

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