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 The  Billionaire's Temptation Series

 Seduction  and  Surrender

Chef Emma Sparrow has poured her heart and soul—not to mention all her money—into the restaurant of her dreams. But when Quinn Ryker, her landlord and billionaire playboy, refuses to renew her lease, her entire world and all those who depend on her, are at risk.


Quinn’s spent months trying to stifle his curiosity for the gorgeous chef who runs the kitchen of his favorite bistro like she’s a five-star general. He can’t help but want her, especially when she comes marching into his office full of fire and passion, furious with him and demanding he renew her lease. Yet he now has something she wants, and he knows just what he’ll do with that heat and anger of hers, especially once she’s in his bed.


A bargain is stuck that will save Emma’s restaurant and give Quinn what he most desires—Emma. But it turns out there’s a lot more on the line when negotiating matters involving one’s body, heart, and soul.

Hadley Moore is ready to start a new life now that her drawn out divorce has finally gone through, and what better way to celebrate than to hook up with the gorgeous guy who just saved her from a drunken jerk. Gabe is smoking hot, and amazing in the sack, but when he also turns out to be her client on the new case she’s working, she worries her job is on the line—especially when pushing Gabe away seems to have little effect.

Someone’s gunning for Gabe and his family, but when the consulting investigator turns out to be Hadley, he can’t believe his luck—especially after she kicked him out of her bed at the crack of dawn. She might be trying to keep her distance, but Gabe has other plans that involve the two of them getting naked as often as possible. But with Hadley’s job on the line and lives at stake, will they risk it all to find true love?


 Submission  and  Surrender

 Love  and  Surrender

Zoe hates that she’s been pushing away her best friend, Morgan, especially when she knows he could be the love of her life. But she’s got a secret—a big one—and she knows that if Morgan ever finds out what she’s been keeping from him, she’ll lose not only his love but his friendship. 

There’s only ever been one woman for Morgan, and that’s Zoe. Except that she’s been distancing herself for the last four years and he doesn’t have the faintest idea why. 

When Zoe spots a man who’s the spitting image of Morgan’s long-lost father, Morgan asks her to look into it further, not realizing he’s put her life at risk. Yet with Morgan determined to keep Zoe safe and make her realize they’re meant to be together, can Zoe keep her secret or will she finally confess it all and ruin everything that’s between them? 

 Deception  and  Surrender

Maddie’s never had any luck at love, especially not with three over-protective brothers hanging around.  And with her family’s newfound fortune, she can’t help but wonder if potential suitors are actually into her—or if they just want to get their hands on the money. 


When Damien, her brother’s friend, comes into the picture as a business partner, Maddie knows he’s strictly off limits, despite being damn good looking, and already the heir to a massive fortune.   Yet despite knowing better, she can’t help but fall Damien when she strikes a bargain with him, asking him to catch her up to speed on everything she’s clueless on—sexually.


Damien knows Maddie’s proposition is a bad idea, especially since the Rykers will likely beat him to a pulp for touching their sister.  Yet he can’t help himself when it feels like the hourglass to his freedom is trickling through its last grains of sand.  He just needs to decide if true love is worth what he stands to lose, and whether or not Maddie will ever forgive him for his deception.




Jake made a mistake that’s haunted him for years—walking away from the woman he loves. When Hannah calls him, desperately needing his help to find their good friend—and her estranged husband—he immediately returns to her side. But before long, he realizes there’s no denying his feelings for her, though his timing couldn’t be worse, and she’s yet to forget that he broke her heart.

Yet Jake’s a determined man, but can he overcome the mistakes of his past, and a husband back from the dead, who’s decided he wants his wife back? 

 Ravage  and  Surrender

Marshall should be riding high as a surgeon and CEO of his own successful company. Instead, he’s in the middle of a nasty divorce as he tries to rid himself of his cheating and lying wife. What he needs is a distraction, so when Harper Jones walks into his office with improvements she’d like to make to one of their products, Marshall knows that the brilliant and gorgeous engineer is exactly what he needs to take his mind off his problems. 

Harper has heard the rumors about her boss and his ex, and the last thing she wants is to get sucked into the middle of a nasty divorce—especially when rumor has it that Marshall’s ex may be carrying his baby. When Marshall sets her in his sights, Harper finds him far too difficult to resist, with his charming good looks and sexy smarts, but with her heart and career on the line, will she risk it all to find happiness and save Marshall from his ex’s scheming or walk away from it all? 



Keane’s college sweetheart, Lilly, is the only woman he’s ever loved—too bad he was far too young and stupid to realize it, and ended things between them in the worst possible way. He’s spent the last seven years trying to become a better man—someone Lilly can hopefully learn to trust and fall in love with once more. But when he goes stumbling back into her life in the middle of the night, professing his undying love, he’s off to a damn rocky start. 

Lilly's never really gotten over Keane, even if she’s moved on. The only use she now has for him is as her inspiration for the steamy romances she secretly pens under a different name. When Keane comes crashing back into her life, it's the last thing she expects—but she has bigger worries than a lying, cheating ex, when she has a stalker fan who wants his own leading role, and has managed to track her down. 

Keane’s offering her his protection, and feeling cornered, she takes it. Stuck living with him for the foreseeable future, it's hard to deny the chemistry that still exists between them, and he soon has her wondering if he has indeed changed from the guy who broke her heart. But with a stalker hunting her and love on the line, can she really keep herself—and her heart— safe? 




After a year of hard work, Wyatt’s launched a wildly successful club in the heart of Dublin, and is now happy to reap the rewards—especially when it comes to his no-nonsense accountant, Fiona, whose quick wit and luscious curves make him want to ignore the fact that he’s her boss. But when a group of thugs squeezes him for money and take what he’s worked so hard for, Wyatt knows there’s no way he’s going down without a fight.

Fiona’s always played it safe—with her clients’ money, and most especially, with her heart. Yet as Wyatt turns up the charm, she can’t help but give in to the feelings she’s been trying to deny—and it seems as if there might be something more between them than just mind-blowing sex. But when her good-for-nothing ex, Niall, shows up at her door, she soon realizes that he’s the one railroading Wyatt for money, and Niall’s now threatening her family if she doesn’t give him access to the club accounts.

Backed into a corner, Fiona’s forced to play a game for the highest stakes imaginable. But can she find a solution before it's too late or will she ruin her chance at happiness and true love?





 The  Billionaire's Seduction Series


When Paige Foley decides to escape work for a bit and see the Irish countryside, the last thing she expects is to stumble into a handsome photographer who’s happy to show her the sights—and seduce her into his bed. Connor is just supposed to be a bit of fun, but things take an unexpected turn, threatening to derail her life.


Connor’s been avoiding the reality of his life, and knows he’ll eventually have to head back home to Seattle to help run his family’s empire. He’s supposed to settle down and do what’s expected of him—except that he’s never played by the rules, and has little desire to start now, especially when he can’t get Paige out of his head, even if she’s long gone, their fling far too brief and leaving him wanting more.


When Paige unexpectedly shows up at his front door, Connor’s ready for a lot more fun, but he may have gotten more than he expected, especially when fate has a twisted sense of humor.



 Forbidden - The Townsend Twins Serial

Hawke Townsend is haunted by the demons of his past. But when a woman washes up on the shore of the private island he shares with his identical twin, Archer, there’s something about her that finally cuts through his darkness. Yet her presence on the island poses its own set of complications, given Hawke’s reclusive nature, and the fact that very few people realize that the famous artist, Jackson Townsend, is actually two people. 

Phoebe Nicholls is running from an abusive ex determined to see her dead—and he nearly gets his wish. After battling a brutal ocean, she awakes to find herself recovering in the bed of a handsome stranger—who’s offered her the lifeline she so desperately needs and the chance to finally stop running. She can stay on the island as long as she’d like, and in exchange, she’ll model for his paintings and be his muse. 

The twins have always been close, and are in so many ways one person, with Archer protecting his brother and going out into the world on his behalf. But presenting a single face to the world at large is far easier than keeping up the charade on their own private island with Phoebe on the loose. How long can they keep up their deception once they both start to develop feelings for her? And when Phoebe finds out, will she be able to forgive them? 

Free on all major venues

Free on all major venues

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