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 The Grim Reaper Romance Series



When the bodies of murdered prostitutes start piling up in Whitechapel, Lilly knows it’s a fellow reaper gone rogue—a man the living call Jack the Ripper.

Lilly Gordon delivers death to unsuspecting souls, Fate’s decisions carried out with a simple touch. But when a woman is found brutally slain before her destined time to die, Jack, Lilly’s ex-lover and a fellow reaper, is fingered for the crime, the evidence undeniable.

As the only one who’s been close to Jack, Lilly finds herself dragged into the investigation by Lord Mason Archer, chancellor to the reapers. But Lilly and Mason have a past of their own, and the long hours spent in Mason’s company leave Lilly falling for the difficult man who not only infuriates her, but makes her heart race. With the latest victim mutilated beyond recognition, it seems the killings cannot get any more heinous—but there’s more than one force at work, and Lilly soon realizes there are things far worse than death and dismemberment when dealing with Jack the Ripper.

The Silver Moon Pack Series


From the moment Greyson sets eyes on Juno, he knows her for what she is--his fated mate. There can be no other for him, which poses its own set of problems when he finds her standing over the dead body of a bear shifter from a rival clan. With the dead man's family seeking revenge, the only way to keep her safe is for them to get married, making her a protected member of his wolf pack--but that's going to take a whole lot of convincing, especially when Juno looks panicked and ready to bolt.
Juno has a massive problem and accidentally killing a man in self-defense is just the start of it. She's still rattled after finding out about a world she never knew existed, especially when she's hiding a huge secret of her own. Though Greyson is sexy and sweet, and she could really fall for him, sticking around just isn't an option, since she'd only be putting him in danger. And marrying him? That's definitely not a solution to her messed up life.
With Juno's life on the line, can Greyson convince her to take a chance on him, knowing he'll not only keep her safe but make her happy or will she risk it all to keep him from the curse she has no control over?​​



The last thing I expected was for Sadie to show up unexpectedly at my front door. A human on a mountain filled with lethal shifters--and she doesn't have a clue that all the things that go bump in the night are actually real. Yet as I hold her tight in my arms, there's no turning back for me as I realize that she's not just the woman I've spent every night talking to for the last two months--she's also my fated mate, even if Thayer, alpha of a nearby pack, wants her all to himself.

Yet Sadie has secrets of her own, and she hasn't simply come for a visit, but is on the run, hoping that if she just leaves Phoenix, she'll also leave her problems behind. Except that her problem has a name, and he isn't going to give up that easily.

***This 2-part serial is Ryder's complete story, and ends with no cliffhanger and a HEA. ***


As alpha of my pack, I’ve had my fair share of trouble. But nothing like the trouble that’s just walked through my door. Cassandra. And she’s fifty shades of pissed off at me right about now. 

Our packs have butted heads on more than one occasion, and as alpha of her pack and one of the few female alphas, she feels like she has a hell of a lot more to prove. Not that it bothers me any.
Besides, I have bigger problems at the moment. Like the fact that I’m slowly starting to realize that she may be my fated mate.

But Cassandra? She’s not buying it, and convincing her isn’t going to be easy.

***This 2-part serial is Thayer’s complete story, and ends with no cliffhanger and a HEA. ***

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