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 Cali After Dark

 The Pirate and the Feisty Maid Series

The Complete Collection

The Complete Series – Parts 1, 2 &3 (approximately 210 pages)
All Molly wants is to spend her time in Ronan's arms, but when he's away at sea for months at a time, she can't help but get into trouble. Now she'll have to suffer the consequences at Ronan's hand-- a punishment she's all too keen on. But with him barely back a week, she's none too happy to hear he'll be leaving for another nine months away on the high seas, searching for a priceless treasure.
When Molly hears that her ex-lover, Bjorn, has plans to go after the same treasure Ronan is hunting, she refuses to sit idly by and let Ronan meet with a horrible end, knowing the two men hate each other. Dressed as a cabin boy, she stows away on Bjorn’s ship to try to warn Ronan, but things get complicated when Bjorn recognizes her. Though Bjorn still loves her, he has every intention of using Molly’s precarious situation to his advantage, not only to get her back in his bed once more, but also to strike a bargain with his rival, Ronan.
Yet not all is as it seems as emotions run high and past histories are uncovered as they each try to claim the feisty maid as their own.
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